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Notice regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Tony’s Corvette Shop is committed to the health and safety of its employees, customers, and vendors. Therefore, we are establishing new and/or reinforcing existing guidelines:

- No customers in shop areas

- No walk-ins

If you have a need, call us. Tony can help you decide if you need an appointment and make arrangements to get your car here.

Please allow our employees to stay safe and productive by following these rules.

Additionally, if you have any symptoms of illness, please do not come in. We can reschedule your appointment or arrange to get your vehicle here by other means.

Delivery people, we truly appreciate you. Let’s do our best to socially distance and to keep interactions to a minimum.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

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Tony’s Corvette Shop offers the performance minded Corvette enthusiast a "One Stop" place for all their performance improvements. Most of our customers drive their cars daily or at least very frequently. They demand that they run correctly, idle correctly and are generally headache free. Well, at Tony’s we understand that. We have tested most of the popular performance products on the market either on the road or on the dyno. We know what works, and the many products that don’t.


Have you ever installed a part that just didn’t quite fit properly...turning a 1 hour job into a 1 day job. So have we. Have you installed a performance part claiming huge horsepower gains and have your car not run as well as before….sluggish throttle response…no get up and go….poor gas mileage...sooty exhaust tips …something rattles? We see examples of this all the time. At Tony’s, we save you all those headaches and also save you money. Since we know what works, we’ll only recommend those parts that fit correctly and that actually produce what they claim. You’ll spend your money more wisely and get the results you expect. Want us to bolt on the "other stuff" you got on sale? Not a chance! We won’t waste your money!

For the serious performance enthusiast, Tony’s offers complete engine building, supercharging, heads & cam installs, complete exhaust systems, complete suspensions, brake upgrades, racing accessories, trans and diff coolers, roll cages and much, much more. (See the individual categories for details.) Want to build a "spec built" race machine? Yes, we can custom build your car to your exact specifications for the type of events or classes you will be running in. Rather than offering packages, we customize your performance upgrades to your individual desires for horsepower, use and drive-ability. No fixed package deal fits everyone!


So for whatever your performance needs, contact us and we’ll get you more performance with the right stuff and save you time, aggravation and most of all... MONEY!


Tony’s Corvette Shop has a world-class facility for dynamometer tuning that consistently produces accurate and repeatable results. Utilizing a SuperFlow 840 Chassis Dyno with Eddy Current Brakes, and our highly calibrated laboratory environment, we can accurately measure your car’s torque and horsepower under simulated “on the road” conditions. We have invested heavily in the equipment necessary to produce highly accurate and repeatable results. Much of this equipment is the same used by GM Delphi for engine and software development. Utilizing the newest technology in wide-band O-2 sensors, along with real-time calibration for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, we can accurately predict and tune the parameters necessary for your car’s maximum performance. Our custom designed wind tunnel fan system assures accurate thermal management of the car while simulating actual driving conditions.


Dyno Laboratory Services

o   Dyno Tuning for Corvettes, Camaros, Firebirds, GTOs & Cadillac CTS-V ,      GM Light Trucks 1986 through current model year.

o   Diagnostics & Evaluations

o   Tuning for all performance modifications

o   Transmission Tuning

o   GM SPS Computer Updates

o   Chip “burning” and programming

o   Dyno Test Runs & Performance Reporting

o   Wide-Band Air Fuel Measurement with bung installation

o   Custom Fuel Mapping, Ignition/Spark Mapping


Almost anyone with the software can change tables and maybe stumble into more horsepower or possibly do serious damage. Do you really want to trust the investment you’ve made in your Corvette to a “tuner” that doesn’t have the knowledge or facilities to correctly and accurately maximize your car’s performance?

At Tony’s, we know these cars mechanically, electronically, and understand their unique operating characteristics. This knowledge, along with the proven accuracy of our facility and tuners, assures that your car will operate safely at its maximum torque and horsepower.



At Tony’s Corvette Shop, we have a very simple business policy. We are fair and honest and will utilize our vast knowledge to tell you everything about your car. WE DO NOT CUT CORNERS!

We are one of the best performance, restoration, and repair shops in the country. We have been in business since 1988. Since then we have evaluated, repaired, restored, and performance modified over 10,000 Corvettes. We have 10 technicians with over 200 years of Corvette experience under one roof. Our technicians are well educated in the art of restoration, repair and performance modifications. We are the final stop for all Corvette customers, even other shops and dealerships.

Restoration Services

o   Frame Off Restorations

o   Frame Repair with custom Frame Jig

o   Welding (MIG/TIG)

o   Engine Design and Rebuild

o   Fuel Injection

o   Differentials & Transmissions

o   Complete Interiors & Upholstery

o   Radio/Clock/Gauge

o   Plating

o   Media Blasting

o   Stainless Buffing

o   Powder Coating

o   Complete Suspension Rebuilds, T-arm rebuilds, Control Arm rebuilds

o   Steering-box Rebuilds

o   Exhaust Systems

o   Convertible Tops


The restoration process is complex and requires a significant amount of time to complete correctly. The first step in the process, after the initial interest is expressed, is a full evaluation of the car. This is completed at our shop by Tony and usually requires from 3 to 5 hours. This comprehensive evaluation is extremely important to set the baseline condition of the car and to determine your expectations as well as the extent of the work required. A “ball park” estimate is generally offered and a time set for the car to be brought in. Once started, the progress continues until completion. We do not hold cars for years to be restored!!!!! You are invited frequently to come to the shop and review our progress—by appointment please. The average restoration takes about 7 to 12 months, often more if the original condition of the car is significantly deteriorated. During the restoration, you will make progress payments at least monthly or on demand if the progress is quicker. Each stage of the restoration is documented with digital photos in print as well as on disk.

Our restoration record is flawless! We have achieved over 300 NCRS TOP FLIGHT & Bloomington Gold Awards -- all on their first presentations. Due to our success and reputation, our schedule is usually booked for at least a year in advance.



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Our facilities include over 30,000 sq.ft. of space including two individual shops dedicated to specific years of Corvettes.  One shop is devoted to 1953 to 1982 Corvettes while our newest shop services 1984 and up Corvettes.

Two Large Shops - Over 30,000 sq.ft.

o   Maintenance & Repair of all years

o   Digital Photo Documentation

o   Computer-aided Diagnostics

o   Fuel Injector Cleaning/Balancing

o   Frame-Off  Restorations

o   Original & Performance Engines

o   Large Parts Inventory

o   GM Parts Look-Up System

o   Storage Facilities

o   Appraisals

o   Pre-Purchase/Repair Evaluations

o   Dynamometer Laboratory

o   Dyno Diagnostics & Tuning

o   Callaway Performance Products

o   GM-SPS Computer Re-flash

o   Custom Performance Modifications

o   Custom Lifts for C5, C6, & C7

o   Wheels, Tires, Balancing

o   Modern Alignment Rack

o   Custom Performance Alignments

We do everything you need for your Corvette.  We have serviced thousands of Corvettes and have the technicians specially qualified with over 100 years of accumulated experience to get your car right every time.  Whether it's maintenance for your daily driver, performance mods or a body-off-frame restoration, Tony's Corvette Shop is the place you can trust to get the job done correctly.